Sabtu, 31 Januari 2015

The One

It has been a long hard month for me.
I didn't travel to anywhere.
I spent my weekend at home.
I was feeling like some things are missing.
I shopped new cloth, jacket, and three pair of shoes but it couldn't help me to be happy.
I kept feeling sad.
I wondered why.

It might be a friend at office who gave me hard times.. or bad situation.. or things.
But I've been through the things like this for years why could I be so weak?
But no.. it's all about anything else.

It's myself who make my days even harder.
I gave too much damn on the one who doesn't care about me like at all.
But I ignored (even mad) at those who care about me for no reason.
I just couldn't keep calm.
Then I found myself as a stupid big girl who never learn.

Why do I keep hurting myself for the one who doesn't worth it?
Why do I waste my tears for the one?


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