Senin, 09 Januari 2017


Can't help but crying, facing the fact that May has to lose her bae. Blue is decent, but he couldn't make it clear why they had to chose this way. He's just being a fool.

"It's alright to be sad. I know I'm the evil. I'm sure you're gonna pass it easily," he said.

May is just too hurt to even say a word.

"I'm sorry!" he added. He's about to put his arm on May's but she refused. "I'm sorry I break my word. I'm afraid that I can't make it when the time is come. You deserve a better one."

May remain silent while wiping her tears.

"I have to leave." Blue decided. "Take care." He kissed May's forehead, and left.

May stared at Blue's back who's slowly fade away. It's just a while since she felt butterfly on her stomach. She's a late-growing-lady. She got her first driving license when her friends were about to extend it. She started dating when her friends started arranging wedding. And now, she had to let go a guy she dreamed a future to spend with. Blue was being a loser.

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