Sabtu, 07 Januari 2017

Love Equally

We don't always get what we want. And we don't always get the same as we give in return. That's why we shouldn't be expect much.

It happens to May, a mid 20s chick, desperately looking for good partner. Yes, she lowers her expectation on a guy she-wants-to-spend-with-for-a-lifetime into good rather than perfect cause she is imperfect. She isn't gorgeous, lovable, or smart. She's just a very ordinary girl. Yea, what do you expect when you have nothing to offer anyway?

But she does silly things and being funny for some time. She has a bunch of silly stories that makes her friends laugh out loud. What does she tell anyway? Shit things happen to her. People love laughing at others' bad luck, right?

Alright she has a boyfriend named Blue. She loves him much. She's eventually got in a relationship after drought of love for long period. Yes cause she isn't gorgeous, lovable, or smart. So does her boyfriend love her imperfections? We're gonna find out.

Amber (friend's of May): "OMG, late month and my boyfriend asks me go out of town. How could I?"
May: "Chill! He's gonna pay the trip. No worries."
May: "Been a long time not visiting beach."
Blue: "Just go."
May: "With whom?"
Blue: "Your friends."
May: "They have no time."
Blue: "Ask Amber!"
May: "She will go out of town with her bae."
Blue: "Ask the other!"
May: "No one. How about you?"
Blue: "Yeah if there's time."
*1 month later* not going to the beach
*3 months later* still not going to the beach

Rose: *posts picture with her bae on Instagram*
May: "Sweet."
Her bae: "Thank you, May!"
Rose: "Thank you, May love!"
May: "Let's take picture."
Blue: "For what?"
May: "So I can post on IG."
Blue: "No need."
May: "Okay."

Lily: "Bae bought me a ring."
May: "You got proposed?"
Lily: "No. Not yet. It's a birthday gift."
May on her birthday waiting for birthday wish from Blue until evening and still not coming.
May: "You don't have something to say?"
Blue: "What?"
May: "Seriously?"
Blue: "What do you expect?"
May: "It's my birthday and you have nothing to give even to say?
Blue: "No need. It comes every year and everyone also celebrates. There's no special."
May: "Alright."
Blue: "Yes."
May: "I want a ring."
*days later*
Blue: "This. Not only a ring. There are some."
May: *opens gift* "It's onion ring!!!!!" :((((

May visits Jenny in hospital and she got her boyfriend look after her even on weekday and he feeds her like princess.
May got accident and the one she told first was Blue.
May: "I got accident."
Blue: "You must be careless."
May: "I was tired."
Blue: "Told you to resign from your current job and look for a nearer place."
May: "We never know where we would got accident."
Blue: "At least you can minimize the risk."
May: "Yes. Would you come?"
Blue: "I don't know."
May: :(
Blue: "The ticket sold out."
May: :(

Amber, Rose, Lily, and Jenny are all got proposed.
May: "Congratssss!"
May: "My friends got proposed today."
Blue: "Good."
May: "Yes."
Blue: "When are u gonna get proposed?"
May: "I'm still waiting the guy."
Blue: "If there's a guy would marry you sooner, you can take him."
May: "..."
Blue: "I can't let you wait."
May: "..."
Blue: "If there's a guy better than me, please take him for your sake. You don't need to wait me. You deserve better."
May: "B..b..but..."
Blue: :)

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