Minggu, 12 Februari 2017

43 Days After 2016

It's been 43 days since people blown the trumpet on New Year's Eve. What has been changed? Nothing except my music taste, my idol taste. It was started when Youtube autoplayed to this video

I even didn't understand the language but this boyband is so famous worldwide. Then I shuffled to other songs from them. Why are they so easy-listening? And that white head have the manly voice. I, I just can't say a thing. So sexy and rare on Korean Pop (later be Kpop). I got eargasm of his voice. I knew he is T.O.P since I've ever watched their M/V called Bae Bae on 2015. That was the first time I listened to Bigbang but I didn't continue to know further about them.

There was a time in 2010 I loved SHINee and was about to start being Kpoper but I couldn't continue due to mean fangirls who liked fanwar on Twitter. I find out it was so cheesy how this idol fanbase have a war with other idol fanbase and I couldn't be one of them. So I stopped!

Then it was 2011 when I listened to KPop again. It's 2PM with their song called Hands Up.

But it's only a while and I wasn't interested to know more until this new year. Bigbang got me into deep. I keep finding out more about them. Their songs, interviews, and variety shows. It leads me to know the other groups such as 2ne1, Black Pink, Twice, GFriend, SNSD, EXO, BTS, etc. But I have no good memory so I eliminated groups with large members. Further, I only know the members of Bigbang, 2ne1, and Black Pink. :)))

But 2ne1 has been disbanded on November 2016. So sad. :( If you guys haven't checked on them, please do. They're so serious on making music and fashion. Don't be such an idealist! Please throw away your mindset on Kpop like, "their faces look the same" "their fashion are so strange" "the guys look beautiful" and so on and so on.

Listen to their music and hard work then take good things from them. They don't sell sensation to be famous unlike celebrities in here. I'm so fed up. Hvft!

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