Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013

Goodbye Nuri Sahin

If you've been following my blog from months ago you would see how much happy I was when Nuri Sahin announced joining to Liverpool FC on loan. Yeah my favorite player from other club joined to club I've been supporting in last 6 years.

Now Nuri Sahin moves to his former club, Borussia Dortmund as he is not on Brendan Rodgers plan. I dunno why Rodgers--LFC manager--offload him when we all knew we got him in a hard way. He chosed to join The Reds instead of Arsenal but why it has to be end like this?

I found him tweeting today.
Sahin tweeted goodbye :(

Sahin's new avatar.

I can confirm he is Omer, his son. so cute :")

Nuri Sahin's new bio. BVB player :"/

he said home sweet home. ughhhhhh
Goodbye Nuri Kazim Sahin! I know you are great footballer and I hope you find the best at Dortmund. You'll Never Walk Alone

in memories :"(

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